Healthy Connections and Inter-Dependence
Greetings Dear Community -

How are you feeling today? Have you taken a few moments to sit quietly and tune in to your body’s messages?  Can you feel the grounding of your feet on the floor? Your seat in the chair? Can you take three deep breaths -  Notice your belly rising and falling as you breathe….. Great work!! You just helped your immune system by activating your “relaxation response” in less than one minute.

Recently, I shared a resource for Emotional Inflammation. The value of skillfully responding (vs reacting) to states of emotional/social/civic inflammation has obviously become even more relevant in recent times. As someone who needs to go inward, reflect, and synthesize when in a state of “emotional inflammation,”  I’ve been deeply pondering how we as health care providers can offer words, reflections, and pro-social actions to address the current turmoil in our country.  Many opinions abound these days. I've been quiet, listening, tuning in, learning, synthesizing, integrating.

It can help to look at our current chaos through different lenses. When our brains make “sense” of things, we can calm down our nervous system, and access our pre-frontal cortex for wise perspective and problem solving, versus primitive fear-based reactivity. From there, we can take wise action.

Functional Medicine, with it’s systems-based, root-cause approach  provides a parallel model for healing our nation as well as healing our bodies. We are experiencing dis-ease, dis-biosis, in our world that has deep and complicated roots and requires complex, coordinated and integrated responses and healing. We don't just want to treat the symptoms. We want - and need - deep repair and rebuilding of several systems, looking back at the seeds and roots from which these dis-eases have grown. We need coordinated wise action, systemic repair and healing. These things - like a functional approach to healing our bodies, require patience and persistence, curiosity and compassion. Wise action vs. reactivity.

We also ask, regularly - what is too much? What is not enough? How can we apply this also to our current social, health, economic and political situations?  While world views differ, thereby affecting our practical beliefs, actions, and core values -  everyone wants to feel safe, satisfied and connected. In this - and most- ways, we are the same.

As we head into this weekend to recognize Independence Day - how can we also notice our Inter-Dependence? Within our own bodies, between our community members, and as a global citizenship? It's a Functional attitude that honors the inter-connectedness of life.  COVID19 is a bleak and powerful teacher of this inter-dependence. For the sake of our vulnerable, our health care providers, our fellow community members - please make wise choices this weekend. There is much we still don't know about the SARS CoV2 virus, but we do know it spreads often from a-symptomatic individuals. Here in Hood River, according to our county health department, 100% of our cases are now identified as "community spread." This means it is not coming from tourists. It is not coming from our valued and necessary migrant workers. Please - Wear your mask, socialize outdoors, and be kinder than necessary -  as acts of love and respect for our inter-dependent community.

May you be well.

Heather and the Team at Healthy Connections

Kirsten's Kitchen

Our big focus since March has been on Immune Boosting and Optimizing.  Let us know how you've changed YOUR cooking and eating habits during this pandemic! What we eat, when we eat, and how we eat all affect our health. FOOD IS MEDICINE!

With fresh vegetables more abundantly available this time of year, Kirsten has prepared another recipe and video -  Sauteed Vegetables


We continue conducting the majority of our visits virtually. Office open by appointment only for public health - please call ahead if you need supplements - we are happy to help you!

Check with Heather if you feel you need to be seen in person, so we can safely accommodate your needs with adequate spacing of visits in our small office.

General office hours:

Monday - Thursdays 8:30 am - noon, 1:00-4:00pm
Fridays 8:30 - Noon.

Friday July 3rd: CLOSED for holiday weekend

Thursday July 9th: CLOSED at noon

Friday July 10th: CLOSED

If you are a primary care client of Dr. Jeff's remember you can contact him with any urgent health concern at his on-call # when our office is closed.
The Way It Is
By William Stafford

There's a thread you follow.
It goes among things that change.
But it doesn't change.

People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.

But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can't get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt or die;
and you suffer and get old

Nothing you do can stop time's unfolding.
You don't ever let go of the thread.
Thanks to our friends Bob and Amie Sue Oldfather for sharing their mouthwatering, nutrient-rich organic cherries with us last weekend! Visit Amie Sue's amazing website, Nouveau Raw,  full of gluten-free resources, inspirational messaging, and stunning food photos.

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