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Greetings Everyone,

What an incredibly crisp and sunny October we had. Hope you have been able to spend some time savoring the scents and scenes. Riding home from work last week, I caught a strong whiff of that musty wet leaf-pile smell and was immediately transported back to my childhood autumns in Rockford, Illinois.

My mom used to make our Halloween costumes, always creative and  warm enough for the cold Illinois Octobers. She took my brother and me to a local pumpkin patch for hot cider and fall festivities. I can taste the cider even now! At home, we raked leaves, but also enjoyed the pleasure of jumping into the huge piles, scattering and tossing the leaves, only to rake them again. All those fond memories from one deep inhale!

While I'm all for mindful presence in the moment, when we find ourselves captured by pleasant memories, it provides a beautiful opportunity to be with exactly that. Smilingly, I ran through some of my favorite Halloween mental snapshots from that prime age for the pure joy of the "holiday." Now as I type, I'm welcoming this generation of trick or treaters, enjoying their costumes, and passing out chocolate-covered Brussels Sprouts as their treat/trick ;) (Just kidding - but what do you think of that food combo?!)
November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Did you know that, according to the American Diabetes Association, more than 100 million Americans live with diabetes or pre-diabetes?! That's hard to imagine, so I found a comparison which can help. One hundred million people is approximately the combined populations o the states of California (40 million), Texas (30 million), Florida (20 million) and Michigan (10 million). I'd say we have a public health problem, wouldn't you? Considering the emotional, financial, and social costs of this disease, we have our work cut out for us as a culture. We're doing our small part at Healthy Connections, with our testing and lifestyle approaches focused on detecting and reversing pre-diabetes as early as possible.

Look out for several blogs coming up this month with a diabetes focus. As many of you know, Dr Jeff and I have a particular passion for diabetes. If you didn't hear his podcast interview about blood sugar balance with Eileen Laird at Phoenix Helix, please check it out here.

He and I will be joining our friend Ellen Masters at the upcoming Diabetes Prevention Program meeting on November 21st. If you haven't heard about the DPP, read more about it
With the deepening of autumn and approach of winter, it's a great time to re-visit the two big Questions:  

  • What is too much in my life that might be causing me harm? (think: worry, sugar, toxins, fear, sitting, processed food, rushing, over-committing, etc)
  • What is not enough in my life that can help nourish me/heal me? (think: sleep, nutrient dense foods, meaningful connections, healthy routines, movement, nature, mindful awareness)
While this can be the season of "too much to do" - how can you make 5 minutes/day for stillness? See our Podcast review for an inspiring interview on Morning Routines (meditation, movement, and mindset).

Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy November.

Heather and the Team at Healthy Connections

What's New?
Welcome to Patricia Viles
Client Services Coordinator!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest team member. Patricia comes to us with excellent customer service skills and experience, and a keen attention to details with an extra dose of TLC.

Just what we need at our front desk at Healthy Connections! Please give her a warm welcome when you see or speak with her, and let her know how we can help make your experience the best it can be at our clinic.

What are we reading at Healthy Connections?
Dr. Jeff and I are always learning! In our field of health, research takes an average of 17 years to make it to the common, accepted practices. That’s too long, in our opinion. Plus a lot of good information can get lost in the cacophony, can’t it?

We thought we’d start a monthly “What We are Reading at Healthy Connections” blog, to share some mini book reviews of our current faves.

Click below to view the 3 books we are reading at the moment!

What are we listening to at Healthy Connections?
We would also like to share what we are listening to. We find podcasts are a great way to learn something new!

In this episode of The Broken Brain, host Dhru and guest Dr. Chatterjee talk about practical solutions and simple interventions to help you de-stress and reset your life, and how implementing small changes to your morning routine can radically improve your health.

Price Change | Healthy Connections
Due to the intense preparation, administration and follow up required for our functional consultations, we are raising the hourly rate for Dr. Jeff's services to $350/hour effective January 1st. This will not affect our DPC membership rates. Coaching, counseling and nutrition visits remain the same at $100/hour.
Upcoming Events
Doc Talk: What the Guts is Going on?

Join us on November 20th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Stevenson Library for another FREE Doc Talk.

Dr. Horacek and Heather Nielsen-Horacek, LPC share comprehensive lifestyle approaches to leaky gut, your microbiome and more…Bring your questions for a lively conversation! Light snacks will be provided!
Doc Talk: Healthy Longevity

Join us on December 11th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Hood River public libaray for another FREE Doc Talk.

Jeff Horacek, MD shares the latest research on the Fasting Mimicking Diet, the Longevity Diet and other nutritional and lifestyle approaches to optimal aging.
Mindfulness Monday Webinar Series Continues | Simple Practices for Health and Peace

Every Monday, join counselor, wellness coach, and mindfulness teacher Heather Nielsen as she leads a 15 minute FREE guided mindfulness practice.

Each week has a different theme and practice style, all geared towards "awareness, curiosity, and compassion" to help manage the stressors of health and life.

We will be break Monday 11/11 but will resume 11/18.

Reminder: Recordings are available but you must register to receive notification/access.

You can view past webinars for free here.
Healthy Connections' Vitality Reset | Online Course Series

A new 30 Day Online Program to Improve Energy, Re-balance your Gut Health, and Create New Lasting Wellness Habits.

Starting January 10th, for $99 join our new online course series, including daily emails, weekly video sessions, recipes, tips and tools for success!

Head into the new year with a clear mind, a clean gut, and a strong commitment to a new healthy approach.

Upcoming Holiday Closures
November 11th | Veteran's Day
November 28th & 29th | Thanksgiving Holiday weekend
December 24th & 25th | Christmas  Holiday
December 31st - New Years Eve

Reminder: Dr Jeff is always on call for our DPC members. Functional Care clients please send any messages via Elation Passport or leave us a Voicemail and we will get back to you upon return.

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