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February  Newsletter

Greetings Everyone,

With uncharacteristic sunshine and clear starry nighttime skies, followed by storms and hail, we feel the shifting energy of winter hinting of spring here in Hood River. How do you notice your mind and body responding to these weather changes?

This month's newsletter offers continued learning (Doc Talk this Thursday night in Hood River!), functional connections, a new staff member, and warm wishes for a heart-full remainder of the month.

Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

In this article from the NY Times, I was interested to read that the author has, like me, Type 1 diabetes, and that a trial of intermittent fasting actually reduced her diabetes mental load. This actually makes total sense to me after 23 years of diabetes - and it might make perfect sense to many of you, trying to focus more carefully on what you eat each day. This strict focus on what we can and can't eat definitely creates a mental, social and emotional burden - especially at first.

So what IS intermittent fasting?? And how could it help us with our health - mental and physical?

We welcome Christina Sproule to our practice as our part time Client Services Coordinator!

Christina has been a  mind-body health advocate for over twenty years.  She worked for over 10 years as a PT Aide and Director of Post Rehabilitaion at our CGPT.  She has learned first hand that conscious mindful practices , small changes and  a science based  approach can help optimize people’s health.

She started the first Pilates studio in Hood River and recently opened Shine Movement Therapy. She incorporates a variety of tools to support and challenge each individual to restore movement, reduce pain and re-educate the body and promote all over well-being.  Please visit if you are interested in learning more about her studio. She loves to share the joys of mindful movement, focused intention , cancer support and meditation with her clients.

Christina has recently returned back to Hood River after moving to a small, mountain town in the interior of British Columbia with her daughter. She has expanded her interest in whole body health, mindfulness, movement and whole-food healing. After receiving treatment for breast cancer in 2010, she understands the complicated issues that we face as patients and the care and support that people need while healing. She is grateful to be here at Healthy Connections to continue her healing and looks forward to helping you navigate yours.

We look forward to connecting with you!

In Good Health,
eather, Dr Jeff, Jacob, Kirsten and Christina  

What are we reading at Healthy Connections?
While we definitely spend a lot of time reading about the
latest and greatest in Functional Medicine, both Jeff and I enjoy a good novel.

The Overstory is more than good. It's remarkable. Winner -of- last- year's -Pulitzer Prize- kind of  remarkable. As this New York Times book review shares,
" Richard Powers' monumental novel "The Overstory" accomplishes what few living writers from either camp, art or science, could attempt. Using the tools of story, he pulls readers heart-first into a perspective so much longer-lived and more subtly developed than the human purview that we gain glimpses of a vast, primordial sensibility, while watching our own kind get whittled down to size."

Thanks to one of our dear clients for recommending we read this epic tale of humanity, botany, and deep, invisible interconnections. In this book, I see ecological parallels of the human ills that Functional Medicine carefully and comprehensively attempts to undo. 
What are we listening to at Healthy Connections?  

How did I survive before podcasts?! I love podcasts. There are so many to enjoy, learn from, laugh with, and share that I find it challenging to pick just one per month to recommend.

Here's a list of the most-listened-to Functional Medicine related podcasts in the Nielsen-Horacek home. Please let us know which ones YOU enjoy so we can expand our list for others!

1) The Doctor's Farmacy - with Dr. Mark Hyman. We regularly promote Dr Hyman's work because it's really that valuable and important. His most recent
2) The Broken Brain - with Dhru Purohit, a friend and colleague of Dr Hyman's, Dhru produced the docu-series Broken Brain (an in-depth Functional look at how our brains end up feeling "broken" and full of tips on how to heal, naturally). Dhru's podcast interviews dive deep into issues affecting our mental and emotional well being.
3) Phoenix Helix - Eileen Laird shares relevant, helpful, practical and inspiring information and interviews. I was lucky enough to be featured in her most recent Healing Stories podcasts - check it out here if you are interested.
4) SIBO Made Simple - with Phoebe LaPine. Yet another pioneer in healing SIBO, Phoebe's voice is fresh, her perspective real and personal, and her interviews among the best education you can find in SIBO care and treatment.
5) Heart Wisdom - with Jack Kornfield - because we prioritize balancing our heart-mind axis, too!
and a new fave (recommended by a friend!)
6) Goop - hosted by Gwenyth Paltrow. Her co-host Elise recently interviewed Valter Longo, PhD - author of The Longevity Diet  and a preeminent researcher in the science of healthy aging. Listen here!


Stress Less and Calm Your Gut with
Scott Rower, PhD

This Mindfulness Meditation group is for people with Chrohn's, Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Led by an experienced psychologist trained in various meditation techniques, this compassionate group environment will provide community and powerful practice opportunities to activate the Rest and Digest - or parasympathetic nervous system - so necessary for full healing of any and all gut imbalances. Since we have more neurotransmitters in our gut than in our brain, these practices can help tremendously with mood management and overall stress related - and unrelated! - to living with chronic gut issues. No previous mindfulness experience needed!

Starts this week: February 25th, 3 weekly meetings from 4:30-5:45. Click here for more info or to register.

Upcoming Events
Doc Talk:Love Your Heart!

Join us on Thursday, February 27th  from 5:30-7:00 pm at the Hood River Library for another FREE Doc Talk.

Join functional and internal medicine physician Jeff Horacek, MD, and wellness coach Heather Nielsen, LPC, as they discuss deep dive functional testing to detect cardiovascular disease. Learn targeted lifestyle approaches to keep your heart healthy and strong!

No Registration Required - plenty of room for you to just show up!
Mindful Mondays are Back  

Looking for a stress-reducing break in your mid-day Monday? Guided 10-minute mindfulness practices led by Heather can provide a welcome, structured "breath-break" to ground and calm yourself, gain perspective, and give your body a break to rest, digest, and refresh - no matter how stressful things may feel.  Come when you can, revisit recordings, and share with your friends and family. These FREE practices really do help us manage our health, and our lives, with greater skill and empowerment. Email Heather if you have Qs, or just click below to register.   
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