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Greetings Everyone,

With the short days and many hours of darkness, this season invites a different rhythm - slower, gentler if possible. Some people rev it up this time of year, answering (and thriving in!) the call of holiday hustle and bustle. Others face deeper feelings of angst, loneliness, and depression for various social, physical and spiritual reasons. Wherever and however you experience yourself, know that you are not alone.

This month's newsletter offers resources and comforts for celebrating, learning, and isolation. See below re: our Doc Talk on the Longevity Diet (tomorrow night, Wed. Dec 11th at 6 pm at the Hood River Library!), our featured Podcast of the month, diving into the sense of alienation experienced by many with chronic health issues, and our recommended documentary celebrating several remarkable (and some remarkably ordinary) individuals living vibrantly past 90 years of age.

Looking for just the right gift for someone who has everything materially, but may have some health challenges? We offer Gift Certificates to meet your needs! Give the gift of Health and Wellness this season!  Ideas include: An introductory consultation with Dr. Jeff, a package of BIA visits to track progress on body composition, or a gift certificate for supplements or medical food personalized to your loved one!  Stop by, or email Heather to purchase your gift of Healthy Connections services or products. You don't need to be a current client to purchase a certificate ;)
With the winter solstice/shortest day of the year just ahead on December 21st, it's the best of times to remember and reflect on the two big questions:  

  • What is too much in my life that might be causing me harm? (think: worry, sugar, toxins, fear, sitting, alcohol, processed food, rushing, over-committing, over-spending, etc)
  • What is not enough in my life that can help nourish me/heal me? (think: sleep, nutrient dense foods, meaningful connections, healthy routines, movement, nature, mindful awareness)
Since my last newsletter, I turned 50 (feeling so blessed), after which I've been tired, coughing and "punky" for over a month now.  With my compromised immune function, I know that rest and nourishment are extra important at certain times. And many of you find that harder this time of year? I sure do. Time to Walk the Talk of Functional Medicine, starting with those 2 Qs: (For me: Too much imbalance, busy-ness, and tempting treats; not enough rest, solitude, and time outdoors.) At this same time, our new Client Services Coordinator, Patricia, had to abruptly resign to tend her own health issues. So I appreciate your patience if my replies are slower than normal as I continue to find the balance.   Trust this: Our team is here for you at Healthy Connections!

We celebrate the Simple Gifts of this season. A warm cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea. A walk in the quiet woods or along one of our flowing waterways. A holiday soundtrack or classic film that makes you laugh or cry or both. Sharing a smile and conversation with the checker at the grocery store or post office (an example of Love 2.0, or health-promoting Positivity Resonance according to researcher Barbara Friedrickson, PhD). Gratitude for all that IS working well in our bodies, vs. a constant focus on what might be sub-optimal. Peace in each breath.

Wishing you all a joyous and peaceful December.

Heather and the Team at Healthy Connections

What are we reading at Healthy Connections?
Do you feel daunted by the abundance of books telling you how to eat?  As many of you know, much of what fills the Health and Wellness shelves has limited or biased science.

We are excited about the 20+ years of research conducted at USC's Longevity Institute and led by pioneer Valter Longo, PhD. This science has serious data, and it is exciting!!! (See our Doc Talk info, below)

Humans have historically had periods of fasting. Many religions still honor these rituals. Now modern science is understanding the tremendous biological benefits of periods without food. It's like a "re-boot" of our body's operating system!

The Longevity Diet follows a Mediterranean approach, with loads of plant foods, limited sugars and starches, lean meats on occasion, and structures periods of limited calorie intake as well as periods of fasting, depending on your age, body habitus, and other individual health factors.

We have several copies of the book to loan, but we also recommend you get your own if this approach sounds interesting to you. What a great holiday gift for someone you love :)

What are we listening to at Healthy Connections?
In this episode Phoenix Helix, Eileen Laird interviews Dr Ellen Vora, a functional psychiatrist in New York City to discuss the difficult topic of loneliness, and give hope and help to those of us struggling with depression and isolation - especially this time of year.

Eileen's gentle interviewing style, coupled with Dr Vora's expertise, humility, and practical, step-wise tips, are worth a listen. Please pass on to anyone feeling lonely or isolated.

What are we watching at Healthy Connections?

If You're Not In the Obit, Eat Breakfast  highlights and celebrates "super agers" who have found incredible vitality, meaning, and joy living beyond 90. Many of the featured nonagenarians still work as professional comedians (apparently an excellent health-promoting career if you don't overdose on drugs in your early or mid life...). My favorite super-ager in the film (besides the ebullient host, Carl Reiner...)is an African American woman over 100 who took up running at age 67 at the encouragement of her daughter, who saw her mother slumping into grief and depression following several tragic losses. We loved this film, and we love the man who made it - our friend and adopted grandfather, George Shapiro (featured 2nd from left in photo, between Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks).

Upcoming Events
Doc Talk: Healthy Longevity

Join us on December 11th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Hood River public libaray for another FREE Doc Talk.

Jeff Horacek, MD shares the latest research on the Fasting Mimicking Diet, the Longevity Diet and other nutritional and lifestyle approaches to optimal aging.

We will host the same talk in Stevenson at their lovely Community Library on January 8th, 5:30 pm.
Mindfulness Monday Webinar Series On Break

Mindful Mondays are on hold for live classes until 2020. We have many fantastic, free mindfulness resources we can share with you - just email Heather for specific practices that can help you navigate the holidays and cultivate inner peace.

You can view past webinars for free here.
Healthy Connections' Vitality Reset | Online Course Series

A new 30 Day Online Program to Improve Energy, Re-balance your Gut Health, and Create New Lasting Wellness Habits.

Starting January 10th, for $99 join our new online course series, including daily emails, weekly video sessions, recipes, tips and tools for success!

Head into the new year with a clear mind, a clean gut, and a strong commitment to a new healthy approach.

Upcoming Holiday Closures
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December 24
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December 31
January 1

We will have shorter office hours:
December 26, open 8:30-3 (open through lunch)
December 27, open 8:30-noon
December 30, open 8:30-noon

We will be back on our regular clinical hours January 2nd, 2020.

Reminder: Dr Jeff is always on call for our DPC members. Functional Care clients please send any messages via Elation Passport or leave us a Voicemail and we will get back to you upon return.

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